Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Weekend went by quickly but was a great one nonetheless.

Friday evening I mountainbiked for the first time in quite a few years. I grew up filling my need for speed on the trailers but at that time noone had suspension on a bike, so we were limited to how fast we could ride downhill and expect to survive.

Fast forward: In 2000 I purchased a hell of a mountain bike with suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, etc. Killer bike. I proceed to then only ride it on the _street_ ... and then some years later move away and give up riding for a while.

Fast forward to this weekend. I ride a friends suspension bike on the trail. Not only am I thinking to myself "OMFG this is faster than I've ever ridden!" as I fly down hills with lightning quick transitions and no problems braking as I crash over roots and rocks and who the fuck knows what else ... I really _AM_ riding faster than I ever have. The combination of the perception and fact was incredible.

I'm also quite pleased with how my body responded to this. When I'm on adderall and doing physical activity, it's important I remember that I'm not he-man ... cuz while I have he-man strength, I don't have the he-man body and I'll hurt myself if I'm not careful. So this time I was ok, I metered myself out and took breaks and walked up some hills and just stayed reasonable and all was fine. I fell once, bruising my left hip. No probl though. No ticks, chiggers, or other insect bites thanks to some insect repellant.

I also got to wear some sweet lookin bike shorts and shirt that I picked up some time ago. Since I was borrowing my friends bike which worked great but has seen some use, I didn't look the total poseur, and in the end of the day we'd thrashed sufficiently hard such that I really played the part and I'm chomping at the bit to go riding again this friday.
Pending serious injury, this is a great reintroduction to something I'd given up a long time ago.

Saturday I did the 15k maint. on Galen's accord. In the time it took for him to go drop a friend off 5 miles or so away. Lol. Thanks Deccadoggy for lending a paw ... we did the following in record time: oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter, wiper blade inserts, brake inspection, lube chassis. All in all maybe 20 minutes for something galen woulda paid a few hundred bucks for at the stealer.

Sunday we chilled and cleaned the house, scrubbed toilets, all the fun stuff, and then went over to Galens parents for dinner. I'm still not tickled pink about visiting his parents place but we survived, his parents are very nice, I just don't like being influenced to go anywhere that's a "responsibility" ... Galen whisked us out early on in the evening too, before I got too annoyed with his nephew who's like.. 1 year old now.

- Keman
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