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Adblocking and HOA Stuff

I love the Firefox web browser. Annoying pop-ups rarely happen. But I always knew that there was "the next step" to blocking annoying ads. Especially when it's flash animation and you can't right click on it and select "Block images from..."
Here's the quick and clean way.
Not some for-profit ad blocking software. Nothing that sits in your systray, nothing that begs to register etc etc. Just install, add filters, and watch it work. It's made by nerds, for nerds, with zero bullshit factor.

That's a filter list I've found that makes a great default install. Import it into adblock after the install/browser restart.

First thing you notice is that flash ads are mostly missing. The ones that aren't? Have a little adblock icon on them. One click of that sends them away for good.

Nothing like tightening your fists around the control of what comes up on your screen. It's a very empowering feeling.

The days of unsolicited advertisments in any form end when you have total control over your sensory input. Take control.

In other news...

HOA meeting last night ended with the following information. There are no basketball hoops planning on being installed. Apparently this HOA covers not just our living area, but couple of other sets of houses. In one of those someone put up a basketball hoop in their parking spot, and the neighbors were repeatedly complaining that yes, in fact, basketballs were hitting their cars and one motorcyclist even had to dodge a ball heading towards him, nearly wrecking just trying to park his bike. There were complaints about it last month, apparently, and the people responsible for it have done nothing. Well they can say farewell to their delightful basketball hoop, because a final letter is going out stating that if it isn't remove from the property (Yeah where are they gonna store it, in their house? lol) it will be confiscated.

The neighbor next to us who has put up a daycare sign outside her place ... buh bye sign.

HOA board members are now (and apparently were, unbeknownst to Galen cuz of a miscommunication) authorized to have cars towed if they break the HOA rules in parking. First thing I said to galen was "Whee... who goes first. The volvo, the work truck, or the honda?"

Hey, it's not like we didn't give them enough warnings. Written and everything.

So, I'd just like to say that my presumption that basketball hoop installation discussions taking place was indeed very incorrect. This time, anyways. If it's one thing I've learned with HOA's though, it's better to jump to conclusions than to ignore it. My last HOA was a nightmare who even tried to go so far as to tell my now-ex and myself that we couldn't even do any "immoral or unethical" activities in our house that we owned.
- Keman
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