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Ok so at least my better half votes and stuff.

We caught wind that there are people who want to install basketball hoops in our parking lot.

Galen is on the HOA board, and so he's going to a meeting about it tonight. Of course he's gonna be the big bad mean child-unfriendly guy cuz there is no way we're gonna let them install them.

Why? Because there is only one prospective spot. At the end of our court, right next to my designated parking spot for the S4.

I've dealt with this before at the last place I lived. You end up with balls bouncing off your car. A lot. Balls bouncing off my $52k car? Not happening!

Wolftranslation: It's my territory, your little puppys aren't pissing in it, and if they do I'm gonna bite hard!

- Keman

Edit by Galen:

We didn't "catch wind" of anything. I'm on the HOA board, so before each meeting they send me an agenda with the items that are going to be discussed. One of the items up for discussion is "Basketball Hoops". This doesn't means someone wants to put hoops up in the parking lot. It doesn't mean ANYTHING. It just means that someone wants to talk about something having to do with basketball hoops. It's just as likely someone complained about other residents having temporary hoops up in their parking spaces or in non-parking areas, and wants the HOA to do something about it.

Don't overreact.

Edit by Keman:

Heh. Don't overreact? He wrote this to me right before I wrote the entry:
K: k. Well if you get home and he's on, hook him up.
G: I have the HOA meeting tonight, btw. So I probably won't be home when you get home.
K: What about dinner with cindy and mike?
G: would you rather have dinner with them, or prevent basketball hoops from going up?

So it's ok for you to assume, but not me? We talked about this last night. Regardless of how unimformative the basketball hoops topic was, there was and IS rationale and logic that leads us to believe that they're going to discuss putting up hoops. Enough so that we've had to cancel dinner plans to attend an HOA meeting that you otherwise typically skip.

The only person I see overreacting, is *you* to my post. You're acting like I've rounded up a group of people to tar and feather the whole HOA. How dare I make presumptions and discuss stuff in the LJ. *smirk*
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