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First it was Saku and the oh-my=f'n-god-that's-a-huge-tick.

Now it's my turn.


My legs are covered in bites from them. I recall this happening last fall here in Virginia, but I couldn't pin down the source since I didn't even know what chiggers were. I thought I'd got a case of poison ivy somehow.

All I knew is that I'd start developing INCREDIBLY itchy bitemarks on my legs, usually the backs of my knees and where my socks meet my calves. But they'd come out of NOWHERE ... I wouldn't see a thing. I'm real cautious on fleas, and I know flea bites. These are not them as I can generally see and feel when a flea bites me.

Well, last night using a magnifying glass I _found_ one of the little red things on me. Argh! They're being tracked in the house and jumping onto my legs while I sit at the computer chair. This is not cool, this is not acceptable. Galen was like "Rub some anti-itch cream on them" and it's like.. ok.. use the whole bottle maybe! There are over 30 bites on each of my legs. I'm taking claritin to see if that'll make the itching lessen.

There's a lot of misinformation on chiggers. They don't burrow into your skin, they don't lay their eggs on you.

This.. constant.. itching.. is bugging the hell out of me and making me not a very nice person to be around at the moment.

First pollen from hell. Now insects from hell. What's next?
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