Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Last night we found a tick on Saku's forehead. I was petting him before going to bed and I suddenly felt like what appeared to be either a large scab or a big splinter. I combed his fur out of the way and saw this fucking MONSTROUS tick. It wasn't engorged with blood, either. It was about the size of a fingernail. To suggest using tweezers would be like suggesting using a pair of needlenose pliars to pull a nail out of wood. All we had were tweezers and it's no surprise that we pulled the little fucker into a couple pieces trying to get it out. I'm not sure if we got the head out, probably not. This morning there was a fairly decent sized lump under the skin and it looks like it's getting infected, so Galen is taking him to the vet.

A note on my own experience with ticks up till now. To me, ticks are vicious little creatures that get no larger than half the size of a grain of rice. Up till two weeks ago I never have had one on me, and my fingernail made short work of it. I've never had one on a dog before.

Today I've been informed that they'll get to be the size of marbles and that my local friends GSD (Kelar) gets 5-6 a year here in virginia. His friends Husky (FireDHusky) got only one and had lyme disease from it. Apparently Lyme disease isn't instantly lethal, it just takes some antibiotics and they pull through. Fun fun...

- Keman
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