Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Came in second from last place in the autocross today. Whee! Really I came in last. My car is NOT competitive in AS. I still had a great time given that it was my first time, and every lap I knocked about a second and a half off my laptimes. The audi is a heavy beast and it does not excel at this ability.

My mustang however may stand a better chance next time .. and I think I'm going to bring it. I found out that it's garaged only _3 miles_ from FedEx field, where the autocross takes place.

It's not prepared for autocross any better than the audi is, less so even as I built the cooling system to basically enter it's efficiency range at 100mph. But. With the average lap being around 1 minute, it can only get so hot. I have it's swaybar in the front dialed up too much anyways so it'll probably do fairly well. I'll just drive it there rather than tow it. While it's not street legal, nor registered, it has signals and an old california plate on it. I doubt I'll get bothered by the cops tooling along at the speed limit for just a few minutes.

Overall a great day. got a bit sunburned. SPF 8 was not sufficient. I didn't get so burned that it'll be bad, this will just give me more of a farmers tan.

Time to hit up the tanning salon. Gotta get that speedo tanline again to even stuff out.

- Keman
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