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I found out that I've lost a friend in the bay area recently. Kveldulf. He has chose to end things on his own terms.

I used to hang out with he, Whitefire, Mitra, and Keepiru, as often as I could back when I lived in the bay area.
Those times are some of the best memorys I've got. Lan parties which started on friday night, and ended sunday evening with maybe a few hours worth of sleep to show for it and a promised sick day called in on monday.
Tomorrow is another day, and I march forward embracing the part of me which is wolf, whom knows of no choice but to endure all that comes at me. There is my strength. And nothing can ever take that away from me, though some things have tried.

My heart goes out to Whitefire, Kveldulf's mate of a looong time. I have no advice. No suggestions. Just a long howl at the moon and a deafening reply of silence.

- Keman
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