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Serious bandwdith

June 22nd FIOS is installed from Verizon

15mbit down
2mbit up
no contract
dynamic ip (might have option for static later)
free install
hardware provided or you can use your own
$49.99/month + tax

5/2 is available for $39.99.

<Edit entity="Galen">They also have 30/5 for $199.99</Edit>

No hidden catches and they've got an uber-backbone to back up the bandwidth.

2mbit up. That's more than a T1. That will be the fastest residential link I've ever had.

With it.. we can DJ in SL, provide streaming music, and folks in SL can hear my scary DJ persona. 4 years of Drama and some Radio Broadcast classes might just come in handy. :)

- Keman
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