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You'll note my name in AS rungroup 5.

First autocross I'll have driven in. I'm an experienced road-race type, I'm used to triple digit speeds and half hour long sessions. This is a hell of a lot more technical involving more to do with transitions, you're the only car on the "track" that takes place in a huge parking lot with a buncha cones. I'll probably get eaten alive as far as competition goes, there's a bunch of S2000's that will probably hand me my ass.


It'll be fun as hell nonetheless.
I'm pondering pulling my fuse that powers EDL, a sort of anti-wheel spin system that robs power under extremely tight turns at low speeds. I'll lose other stuff if I do that, stuff like my speedometer and antilock brakes. There is presently no other way to disable it.

Now if it rains... I'll pwn the track. :P

- Keman
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