Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

More food for thought...

This just spontaneously popped into my head a few minutes ago. Interesting concept--

As far as darwinism goes ... being able to control
all the cells in your body is the next step. The ultimate in surviveability-- self evolution.

Think about it.

Not just being able to tell your cells to heal a cut without leaving a scar. But being able to tell them to grow in the way you want, that will best allow you to survive in your environment. Severed nerve? No problem. Gouged out eye? Might take a couple months but it'll grow back just like new. Stem cells? Got em in 5 different colors.

I could definitely dig this ability. C'mon evolution ... I need an upgrade! :P

And oh the things I would grow into. Might take a year. Might take 2. Might have to eat a lot. But ... damn.

- Keman
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