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Last night I finished Khyle's av in SL. It's pretty f'n hot. I should post pics ... the last stuff I posted to the LJ showed pics of me in SL that are really /nothing/ compared to what stuff I make looks like today. I use multiple layer textures now with selective transparent areas to add depth to fur, etc. I've also had a vastly improved avatar base to modify thanks to Luskwood's engineering.
Last night someone made the comment of "Well,
actually, making fur in SL is easy to do." ... I just shrugged, didn't feel like getting into an argument. Making fur in SL is not easy at all. We're dealing with a relatively low resolution texture skin applied to a 3d model which stretches the skin in a variety of unfriendly ways. Covering up seams is a tedius chore that requires a case-by-case customization because every av is differently shaped, height, etc. What everyone else does is to use a solid color in those areas and sketch in the outline of fur at the color transition areas so that the contrast between the two appears fluffy.
So far I've not seen any actual -fur- textures in
the game aside from the stuff Decca and I figured out how to produce. There is a secret behind that construction-- a secret that will eventually get out. Since I'm not in this for making Linden (in game cash), I don't really care and in fact when "real" artists figure out my method, we'll probably start seeing some incredible stuff get banged out. Till then, I'll enjoy the limelight and really have a blast building some artistic skills.

At some point in the future I'm going to make my own version of a prim based K9 head/muzzle. If it comes out anything like the recent.. private.. stuff that I've made, well ... Luskwood's gonna have some serious competition. IMO the trick in SL is to plan the prims with the textures, and use them both to achieve the appearance. Lusk makes great prims but since they're using solid colors on all the prims, they're going to be stuck in the 'cartoon' world. A new version of SL is around the corner offering about 50% more texture resolution available-- that's something I can immediately monopolize on but is a waste if you use a solid color.

Food for thought...

A few years ago the movement on gay rights was
sufficiently strong, what with gays in popular tv shows, commercials, etc, that whenever I saw a product that showed a man and a woman, I could -feel- the general public giving a sensation of "Hey, that's just a man and a woman. What about gays?" ... it was during this time that I felt things were on the move, because movies STOPPED using words like Fag ... it wasn't 'cool' to use anymore, and created dare I say.. public outcry.

We aint in Kansas no more Toto. I'm afraid those years have passed, and we're right back to Ribbed for HER pleasure.

A lot of people who otherwise weren't interested in deciding on the whole gay good/bad issue have off and turned on us. The homophobes were already vocal. They already were bashing us. This didn't change their mind at all. No, somewhere in this attempt to get marriage, we just turned a bunch of people against us.

On the up side, the ones that have turned against us weren't homophobes with a vested interest to try and make our lives a living hell to begin with and they're not that way now either.

- Keman
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