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Canines can be dangerous creatures. Don't buy a big dog for your kids if it's got a bad temperament, because if it wants to kill your kid it will. What makes it want to depends entirely upon how it was raised and what it's heritage is.
You can train any behavior.

You cannot train a temperament.

Because of this, you cannot take a dog with poor lineage that makes it very neurotic and expect to get anything that isn't neurotic.

Where in here is banning Pit Bulls? Nowhere. Banning pit-bulls is like banning .45 calibre ammunition.

But in a country full of people who want to pass laws and feel safer from the dangerous world around them, just about anything is up for grabs.

It is the cornered defenseless animal that is
the most dangerous animal. And many people feel defenseless and cornered in todays state of affairs.

- Keman
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