Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Went to Snowie's graduation party over the weekend. Had an absolute blast. Met a whole lot of new interesting furs. Drive up there and back was fun, although I found a problem with the mod I did to my audi.

In short, it worked good but cost me about 50 hp. The ECU uses a timing retard scheme when the clutch is in, so while the throttle response was stellar, the engine was big time down on power especially in the upper revs.
I hooked my laptop up to the car while we were driving and observed this all directly. Yes it's good to be an ex-audi tech... I kept all my tools and have neat goodies that can do that stuff.
Overall a fun weekend passed by in about the time which is typical for a weekend to pass.

I'm making some interesting stuff in SL, and people are beginning to express very large interest in me making these things for them. I'm trying to be careful not to spread myself too thin as it's easy to overpromise and under-deliver. So this week I'm going to spend a lot of time catching up on the stuff I've already promised (Yes, you Khyle :) before starting any new work.

- Keman
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