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My boss, two co-workers, and I all went out to lunch at a local tai restaurant.

As we started to dig in, I had Mussamon Beef tai curry, my boss had mussamon chicken, we looked at each other strangely. 10 minutes later, my boss says "Do you mind if I try a piece of your beef?" .. I think to myself "This stuff tastes like shit. By all means." and I say "Sure." .. he tries it and says "Mine tastes funny. So does yours." and as he does so, I say "Well.. funny you should say that, because so does mine." ... our two co-workers are staring at us, and we're staring at each other. We've each consumed maybe 1/4 of the dish. Something was really odd, but the restaurant was fairly high end, so my initial suspicion was that it was just an exotic homemade recipe that I'm unfamiliar with. Neither of us are interested in complaining, the service is good, we'll just hold off is all. Mention we didn't care for it at the time of payment and that's it. After a couple of jokes, we each push our dish foward and decide we're just going to abstain from further consumption on the safe side because something definitely tasted... ODD. ie: rancid.

My boss on the way back to the office notes that his stomach isn't feeling too hot. Trying to avoid a psychosomatic reaction I shrug and say my stomach doesn't feel great, but it is rather empty so who knows.

I've never heard of psychosomatic heartburn, but right now I've got it. The curry was lacking in spices, I ordered it "mild" because I just wasn't feeling up to something very hot. This is an odd sort of heartburn. Dare I say... queasy.
Hmmm. I'm wondering how the rest of the day is going to unfold. I've not had BAD food poisoning in forever. Is my time up?

It's amazing how quickly and accurately the body can detect a 'problem' ... and while the acid in our stomachs does help break proteins down for digestion, it's /primary/ purpose is to kill off anything that could become a problem before it gets absorbed into the blood further downstream in the GI tract.

We shall see...

- Keman
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