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things that go bump, ow, fuck I can't sleep, at night.

Insomnia keeps attacking me over the last few days. It's the strangest thing too, because I'm not doing anything which typically can trigger it, ie: changing my sleep schedule, staying up real late one night, early the next.

Last friday night I went to sleep at midnight. I woke up at around 10, feeling very refreshed.

Saturday night I couldn't sleep, and finally wandered into bed at 4:30AM sunday morning. I still didn't sleep though, and I took ambien (prescription sleeping med) at 7AM. Why? Because I'd rather write off half the day from sleep than the whole day from being a zombie.

Sunday night I was in bed by midnight, a mere 10 hours after waking up that day at 2pm. I took ambien to sleep that night as well because I knew I had to get up early in the morning to play paintball. 4:30 rolled around and I woke up, unable to get back to sleep but I felt pretty good for only 4 hours of sleep.

Monday evening I went to sleep at midnight. Woke up at 8:30AM. Didn't need anything for it. Tuesday evening, last night, I wasn't tired at midnight. So I stayed up, waiting for my eyes to get heavy. At 3AM I called it quits. I then sat in bed for 3 hours feeling very frustrated as time ticked by but sleep would not take me. Somewhere around 6AM I went to sleep. Two and a half hours later, I woke up to go to work. Not only feeling like crap, but with all the soreness from paintball I wanted to just fall out of bed and die.The frustrating part about all this, is that there are many factors which usually allow me to fall asleep at the drop of the hat. I was tired. Sore. Worn out. Comfy. In a clean bed. White noise in the background. ... I was so tired and worn out, I felt like the moment I shut my eyes, I'd fall asleep. But. I didn't. Instead I just sat in a quasi-sleep state. And after a couple of hours, I become aware of it. It was too late to take sleep meds on a worknight. So I was just screwed.

I also generally avoid taking anything to help sleep, because I'm aware of how it can mess up your sleep on following nights. The thing is, I keep having issues where the following night after taking a sleep med, I sleep JUST FINE actually. They seem unrelated, and the sleep meds I take have a claim to fame that they're non-addictive and I've never had a problem sleeping because I took it for a few days and then stopped. It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

It really, honestly, keeps feeling like my body wants to shift to a nocturnal state.

I'm going to pick up some melatonin, and try resetting my sarcadien rhythm with it. If that doesn't work, there's a new sleep med on the market called "Lunesta" .. it's a zolpiclone based med, that was prior not FDA approved in this country. It wasn't outlawed though, so I've used imported versions in the past and it's pretty good.

You'd think 30mg Adderall XR would make me sleep like a rock when the time comes since it's LONG since worn off by the time I hit the sack. This problem is apparently far beyond that.

- Keman
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