Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Aah, the joys of having a dog.

Today's Sunday. That means we sleep in. Well, Saku apparently missed that memo, and drank from the toilet last night.

Around 11am, I wake up to the sound of water running. In our bedroom. In Saku's cage. He's squatting there pissing on the floor (the cage has a hard plastic liner, which is good), and the puddle has just reached his forepaws.

Well, I leap out of bed, grab a towel, and wait for him to finish. When he's done he happily trots out of his cage, leaving yellow footprints all over the bedroom while I'm mopping up the puddle in his cage.

I get it all cleaned up, and take the towel down to toss in the washer. As I'm doing that, Saku squats and leaves a big huge stinking pile of dog turd on the basement floor.

I let him out back, he waters a bush, and comes back in. OK, good, he's probably done.

So, I take him upstairs and hop in the shower, to wash off myself and the cage liner. I figure he'll be fine.

Nope. I get out of the shower, start drying off, and right in front of me he squats and leaves another (smaller) pile in the bedroom.

Now he thinks he's going to get some of my pizza.

Aah, the joys of having a dog.

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