Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Allergies picking up a little bit. No fun.

Installed a new exhaust system on the S4! Catback made by AWE Tuning. It replaced the stock /4/ mufflers and all the piping from the cats to the rear of the car. That's about 3/4 of the exhaust system. I got the louder "track" version and all I can say is .. it sounds incredible. Kinda like a Ferrari mixed with a Viper. It's a 40 Valve 4.2L V8 with some very exotic technology in it. Sodium filled valves, forged crank, aluminum block. It all makes for one hell of a station wagon ... and with the way it sounds now, everyone looks at me with the expression "What the HELL is in that Audi?"
Thank you Alaskanwolf for helping me install the exhaust.
Saturday we finished paperwork at the DMV swapping the Lightning's old custom tag to the Audi. The new plate will be "-LYCAN-" ... with the theme of the plate FOXHUNTING ... haha. Lycan. Hunting for Fawkses. Tsk, oh sthop.
Today at noon myself and 21 co-workers go see Episode 3. W00t!

I'm still working on ... but I gotta say, I'm feeling so much less frustrated now that I'm off Wellbutrin, I'm really not seeing as much in the mornings that bothers me. The bird outside my window is still gonna die tho.

- Keman
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