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What a weekend!

Calvin Klein XT underwear: XT must stand for Xtremely Tasty. OMFG. I got some of the low rise briefs and the "bike short" length boxer briefs. Black with blue accents. Both are made out of the nicest material I've found yet. It feels like lycra, but is a lot more absorbing, so it's more like cotton. Perfect fit. Expensive, but CK underwear has lasted longer than any other I've owned in terms of wear and tear in the washing machine.

Helped Alaskanwolf install his engine mount bushings ... got to show off some muscle strength breaking free some bolts for him. Ruh ruh ruh!

Aside from that, I hung out with Decca and had a rather relaxing time. We wandered around the mall for a while like a couple of big 'ol fags shopping.
A few days ago I stopped taking Wellbutrin XL. I've been on WB for years for ADD. I decided recently that it's benefits were outweighed with negative side effects, so it's gone cold turkey. Ohhh my head hurts. But. I don't feel particularly hostile in the evenings anymore as I did when I was taking it. So. That's verrry good. At the same time I upped the dose of Adderall XR to 30mg. Things seem pretty crystal clear. I'd wanted to try Dexedrine spanules but my doc was adament that I try adderall first. He gave me a small supply of 30mg non-xr pills just so I could try some varying combinations, but I'm not too keen on em already. Too speedy for daily use. I'll keep them for times when I'm particularly slow. XR seems to be teh roxx0r.
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