Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Normally I don't like pain .. but the pain I've got right now is a wonderful feeling.

Galen and I started weightlifting last night after a few month off break of just random (rare) cardio. Last night was back and biceps .. tonight will be chest and triceps. Galen is done with school for a while so our schedule just became flexible enough to support our routine. Tomorrow evening will be a leg day and then we get friday night off ... and will probably pick things up again on monday.

Snapped some decent pics for the upcoming website this morning. Namely my speedometer pointing at 80 in a 50 zone as I pass by a cop who is out of his car holding a laser gun. Hehe. Pointing at the opposite side of the parkway. I should be ashamed. But. I got another picture of me tailing a big work truck who's going 71 mph steady. Proof that everyone speeds.

- Keman
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