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In stereo, no less

So, Keman and I had a bit of a dispute at the store this evening, picking up lightbulbs. They didn't have exactly the ones we wanted, though they did have some that would work. As they weren't quite the right ones, I wanted to only get as many as we needed to replace the burned out ones. Keman agreed, and grabbed four bulbs.

"But no," I exclaimed, "There are only two bulbs out!"

"There are four out - two burned out and one missing," he replied, apparently ignoring the fact that 2+1=3.

"No, there's only one burned out and one missing. Two bulbs."

We bought four, because I didn't feel like arguing about it.

So, we get home, and as we're walking up to the door, I tell him that I'll go print something out while he's doing the dishes. He responds that he doesn't want to do the dishes, so he'll change the lightbulbs instead.

(Insert three and a half second pause here, to represent the three and a half seconds of silence after he says that)

To which we both append, in unison, "All [two|four] of them" (with me saying two and him saying four... at exactly the same time and tempo)

We have to stop doing that... at least, we can't do it in front of other people.
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