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The best part of waking up is yap-yap-yap-yap...

This morning I was walking Saku and as usual the neighbors Chihua-hua was yapping away through the open window. It had been doing that all morning before I went outside, and continued even when I was around the corner. All I could think was "I hate that dog." ... it barks at anything that moves. Our place is so quiet and peaceful normally.
So I'm about to leave and as I walk outside I knock over one of the Rhino Ramps I used for my oil change. The next door neighbor is walking out his door at the same time-- we live in townhouses, so we all have our own porch and steps. He looks at me and says "Uh oh, that doesn't sound good!" ... with this ever-cheery, oblivious, Simpsons Ned Flanders style mentality. I look at him like Steve Martin addressing the Hertz rental car lady in the movie "Planes Trains and Automobiles" and I say

"... not anywhere near as bad as having to listen to your dog every single morning.."

The guys smile wipes right from his face, just like the rantal car lady. It was precious, it looked like I broke hs heart. He says "Well I think he's only barking because of your dog.."

I just stare and say "I don't think my dog has anything to do with this, your dog barks at everything that moves." .. the guy stares at me with my favorite expression: deer caught in the headlights. So I continue "Maybe you aught to shut your window." .. with that I turn back inside annoyedly and shut the door.

I think to myself "Hot damn I'm a bright fucken ray of sunshine this morning!" ... 5 minutes later when I leave I note that the windows of the neighbors place are shut and "Prince" is no longer barking. Hunh. Maybe they caged the little monster.
- Keman
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