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I'm putting together a website known as the "Fairfax County Parkway HALL OF SHAME" .. based on the now-gone bay areas Highway 17 Hall of Shame, it'll feature pictures of some of the most annoying and ridiculous things I see DAILY in my commute to and from work. Along with it will be a discussion board for people to share their misery and rants.

Todays perfect example would be the two tractor trailers from the same company, identical in appearance, riding side by side. It's two lanes in either direction, 50mph speed limit. They were going 45, and prevented anyone from passing for about 6 miles until they turned off. It caused at least 100 cars to get backed up. Behind us, there could have been accidents or worse. To say I was frustrated was an understatement. It's really bad when you wish you could drive on the shoulder to pass people. What's sadder is that this was probably NOT malicious or intentional. People out here just really are that oblivious.

I see things like this on a constant, daily basis. Every day I've got exciting stories to tell of the newest form of stupidity I've observed .. Like.. a little toyota pickup leaving sparks behind it from the trailer hitch. It was dragging on the ground. Because it was full of concrete and dirt. Going about 15 mph. The front wheels were barely touching the ground.

I'd like to get some full motion videos .. but that'll require me to get my camera mounted, which will come eventually. It'd be nice to show videos of someone going 40 mph, me passing them, and as I slooowly pass them, see that I'm now going 80. And only slowly passing them. (They're speeding up so I can't get around them).
The legal ramifications of this are a concern of mine. I do plan to blur out license plates. I'm potentially going to be pissing people off-- noone likes being shown how stupid they are in front of a lot of people. So it would be good to know if a video showing me going 80 on a public street could be used to give me a speeding ticket. So. Research shall be done...

- Keman
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