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What a weekend.

Got Alaskanwolf plenty liquered up for his 21st birthday. That was entertaining, till he got drunk. Myself being the responsible type (actually I tend to hate alcohol and can't drink much of it because of my meds) chose to be the designated driver. Which meant I was the designated sober person, which meant I got to sit around and watch other people let themselves go and have fun. Hrmph. Ohwell. I had my fun this weekend.

Saturday I sat around and watched the air move. Which is to say, I enjoyed the nice weather sitting outside in the shade. What more could I possibly ask for?

Sunday I worked. Ugh. Yes. Worked. We're behind on the schedule and I did get some useful things done over the 4 hours or so I was here.

Sunday evening.. I watched the documentary Living with Wolves ... it was a lot of fun seeing the similarities my own Saku has with wolves, in the way he plays, acts, and explores. It's because of this that I can't see myself owning anything but the Arctic breeds .. or, the land and space permitting, some rescued Wolf Hybrids. Other breeds tend to be "too domesticated" for my comfort levels. They don't respond appropriately to say.. me grabbing them by their throat and pinning them to the ground. Saku submits to that, and 5 seconds when it's done, it's done and forgotten. A lot of breeds would over-react. A lot of breeds would never require it because they lead such cowed lives. Last night Saku apparently sniffed out a frozen tuna steak sitting on the counter, and promptly made off with it taking it upstairs. Galen was pissed, and left him in his cage for a while. I was rather annoyed at this. Of course Saku made off with it, it was food, it was left on the counter, noone was around to make claim of it, and Saku had not eaten anything all day.

My thoughts on this are simple. Anything is fair game, what is mine is guarded while I eat it. Saku won't dig through the pantry for food, nor jump onto the counter to get into things in the cupboards above. Why? Because he's fed regularly. If he weren't, and he were left to his own devices, that would all change. And I don't see any reason why I would try to eliminate this survival behavior. Saku is a lot like me. He'll do what has to survive, and try to have fun doing it.

- Keman
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