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One good order, 10 bad to follow...

I place an order for something from some online merchant. Hey they've been around for years, I've just finally found something they have that I want. I place the order thursday evening, last week. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ... from there being NO OPTION to expedite shipping, that this was going to suck.

Monday comes around. Hey nothing here. No surprise. Tuesday, hmm. Nothing. Today, ok .. wtf. It's been almost a week and I've got nothing. So I email them. I get a quick response back:

The expected time for delivery is early next week. Since this is a new item we are running out of them faster than our supplier can make them. A shipment is due in at the end of this week. We apologize for the delay.

Ok, here's a surprise! They billed my card on the night I ordered it *gasp* and they wait until NOW to tell me that they didn't have any in stock and weren't even getting a shipment in until the end of this week. End of this week MY ASS. I'm guessing I don't see this thing for 2 more weeks, maybe longer if the supplier mysteriously is backordered.

Fucking christ. I'd love to toss this person onto their back, staring into their eyes .... "Don't fucking play these games with your customers or you won't have any customers." It's a lack of that type of response, perhaps less physical, that is responsible for promoting this bullshit business world that we're in today.

You know it's pathetic when the shit I order on ebay ships faster and gets better turnaround time than when I order from a store. At least with ebay, you know it's in stock. Yeah there are exceptions, but I've ordered 119 things on ebay since 1998, and out of those 119 things all 119 arrived quickly without a single problem. With ebay, I'd be leaving negative feedback right now. "Oh sorry dude... the item I sold you I didn't actually have, but don't worry I think I'm getting some more this weekend." .. yeah goodbye reputation good luck getting sales.

After talking with a few other people who have had similar experiences ordering things online, I'm noticing a new trend. Online stores don't actually have anything in stock, they're working with the manufacturer and either placing an order after you pay them, or they're relying on the manufacturer to drop-ship the item to you. Both are utter bullshit. Naturally with either situation you generally can't offer overnight or 2 day shipping. So, I'll let that be an indication for anything I get in the future. I'm also going to make a habit of firing off an email at the time of purchase requesting confirmation that the item is actually in stock, and is actually being sent out to me the next day. Anything less than a yes to both of those and I'm demanding a refund immediately.

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