Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Well, this weekend was mostly-good, though I came down with a cold. Bleh. We woke up Saturday morning at 9am, planning on getting an early start and going to the Meat & Fire picnic. It was raining, so we went back to bed. When we finally got up a few hours later, it was still drizzling, but all signs pointed to the picnic still being on, so after much discussion we decided to go. We left Saku home, though, as we didn't want to deal with a Muddy Dog.

The rest of the afternoon's activites were already recounted by Keman in an earlier post.

Sunday we hung out with a bunch of my non-furry friends for my birthday. Keman came (if a bit late because of an oil change incident) and, I think, scored some major points with my friends. He actually seemed to enjoy himself!

Tom, Delora, and Will gave me a bottle of wine (2003 Chateauneuf du Pape), Cindy & Mike gave me some books, a movie (RotK, though I already had it so I'm gonna swap it for something else), and an as-of-yet unfinished sketch. I don't know what Steve got me yet, as he won't tell me until it arrives.

Overall I enjoyed the weekend. Now if only this damn cold would go away...

Now, for some comment-spawning action.

I have a group project in my CS class. Our presentation is tomorrow night. One of the group members did basically no work on the programming part of the assignment, and thus far hasn't sent the group anything for the write-up we have to turn in when we do the presentation. Should we tell the professor about her level of contribution?
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