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Today was a little bit brigher than yesterday.

My snarling at the world around me lately has come because of so many negative things surrounding me at once. As time progresses, I either adapt or I forget.

I washed the S4 this morning. As I scooted into the carwash I saw some loser who was racing to try and get in front of me, fail, and pull in behind me. Hah. There's 15 minutes I saved.

I ordered some stuff like ultra sharp stainless steel razor blades to scrape the glass of the aquarium last night. A $43 order and just $14 to ship it all overnight. continues to be my favorite, albeit not cheapest, fabrication supply and hardware warehouse that I've ever done business with. Stuff is always in stock, it gets shipped the next morning, shipping is cheap and it comes out of their own genuine old fasioned warehouses. Their online catalog is excellent once you get the hang of how to use it. I can literally spend hours and hours browsing through the 420,000 products they have listed in it. Aluminum pipe? Sure, what diameter? Sound insulation? Got 6 pages of the stuff. Hinges? 200 different kinds. Aluminum sheets? Heh, what alloy- they've got over 20. You'll be hard pressed to not find either what you're looking for, or something that will substitute for what you needed.

Best was last night on SL. Khyle, Hydra, 'n friends. Hehhe. I had fun. :)

- Keman
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