Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Blood Drive part 2

Talk about a busy day. I deleted a past entry and combined some entries, keeping them backdated, so that I don't spam anyones friends list. Sorry if I'm posting a lot, I just wanna get these details down in my journal so I don't forget them.

Today the details of the blood drive at my work continued to pour in via email. I'm informed that if I donate, I'm eligible for the following:

1) All-Star Blood Donor t-shirts (all donors will receive a t-shirt)!
2) Lots of refreshments (all donors will receive refreshments)!
3) A chance to win four 2005 season passes to a theme park of your choice (Hershey Park, Kings Dominion, or Six Flags America) (all donors can register to win)!
4) A chance to win a cruise (all donors can register to win)!

I asked them to clarify for me if I had to -donate- in order to be eligible.. and I got a yes to that. I asked what I should do if I can't donate, and I got a fluffy response assuring me that many people can't donate either for temporary or perm. reasons, and that I should try to get other people to donate.

- Keman
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