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So as usual the red cross is soliciting blood at my workplace. In the past I've raised a stink about it by reminding everyone that they discriminate against homosexuals-- they ask if you've ever had sex with the same gender and if you say yes they won't take your blood. You can lie, but it's a felony if you get caught. I'd rather not risk jailtime just so I can donate blood.

What's dissapointing is that they do this to reduce to chances of taking blood with HIV in it. A just cause, even with testing you wouldn't want to be on the receiving side of that fraction of a percent that fails to show positive.


As my ex's father, the director for the AIDS research foundation in Melbourn, Australia said in response to this-- "They're cowards." .. It's well known the chances of having HIV if you're african-american is SUBSTANTIALLY higher than if you're gay.

So. If they want to play statistics to reduce the likelyhood of taking HIV infected blood- they damn well better play the game right. Right? Wrong. What a waste of time ...

On another note, it's just as well-- if I did give blood right now it'd be blood full of amphetamine-based ADHD meds. The receiver of my blood would certainly be in for an awakening experience. Har har ...

Lastly- the new guy at my work is complaining about the noise from my servers that are on my desk. Yeah they're rack mount, yeah they're loud-- but guess what? There's a sound wall between us. I sat in his cube and I could hardly hear them. They're not going to be here long anyways, but jeeze.. if this is an indication of things to come, someone needs to yank his H1B. Next thing I know he'll be complaining that I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He wears only one step down from a business suit, which is nothing remotely close to what the rest of this department wears. Blue jeans are about as professional as I see from anything less than upper management.

- Keman
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