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Well this weekend was certainly a blast. Had a good time partying with Galen, though it did end on a sour note with lots of pukage early monday AM. Won't be eating at that place again. Some mexican place called "Margaritas" in Georgetown.

Installed a second showerhead in the shower, facing from the opposite direction as the main one. This lets two people shower at once, or one person shower from both sides at the same time, which feels kinda cool. It's great for those of us who need to "warm up" in the morning. It has a valve on it to turn off the second showerhead and I put it all together with $34 in parts.

Allergies are kept at bay with allegra, though the stuff does make me feel noticeably depressed about 4-5 hours after taking it. My eyes are randomly dry, watery, itchy as fuck, regardless of the allegra but I do have some prescription eye drops that work good.

Took the Audi out for a cruise on saturday, off into the mountains. During some twisties I opened it up and slid it out to 8/10ths. Despite the ground being wet, it encouraged me to find the limits. The V8 was ever willing to rev, while the Recaro seats hugged all 3 of my passengers as tightly as the car stuck to the road. I no longer think my last S4 outhandles the new ones, Audi has managed to top themselves-- primarily in the weight distribution. It's a lot better for this chassis @ 52/48 Front/Rear. In the corners the car steered well with the throttle, and the ESP came in only to assist and prompt me to get on it, more acting like a race instructer than the angry parent scolding a child. And when all was said and done and we cruised on the 150 miles to get home, the windows up and the radio down provided a serene quiet haven for folks to doze off in. What a car!

Mext weekend when we go to the furry picnic out here, it'll serve it's purpose well hauling Saku with it's built in dog gate in the back. Anyone who thinks performance has to come at the compromise for utility and practicality needs to look at the Audi S series.

- Keman
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