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First entry

Might as well make the first entry here. Keman's at work, I'm at work, if you're reading this you're probably also at work, you slacker. ;-)

Keman's all moved in, but we're still not fully settled. Got a dozen or so boxes in the livingroom that we need to unpack - anyone want to come over this weekend and help? We've also got clothing and such to donate to (insert charity here), some furniture to take to the dump (unless anyone wants it - we've got a matching sofa and loveseat, and a chair), and general cleaning up to do.

The aquarium is... well, growing, I guess. We put in about 20lbs of liverock last weekend, and it's certainly looking much more alive than it was when we first set it up down here. We have some crabs that tend to remain underneath the rocks where you can't see them, and a couple of anemones that came on the rock, but no fish (yet).

I get installed as Junior Steward of Federal Lodge #1 on Saturday. Whee!

More later, I guess. *snarf*
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