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Holy shit!

I didn't know this level of suffering was possible. What have I done???


I've never in my life experienced allergies this bad. I had em bad when I was a kid, but to me bad was a stuffed up nose and SOMETIMES itchy eyes. That was living in michigan.

I've not even touched my eyes, and they're all crusty, watery, incredibly itchy. I pour visine into them and it does nothing besides... like.. provide a fresh layer to itch. My throat itches like mad. My nose is a fucking fountain, and I can't stop sneezing. There's goddamn pollen even on my keyboard, and my car is covered in a layer. I'm having a full blown immunoresponse to this. I woke up all night, sneezing, then feeling that awful sensation of snot dripping out of my nose onto my pillow.

I made an appointment at an allergy doc just now, and gobbled down a couple of claritin despite the warnings to take only one. One of my friends said his doc told him to take 4 a day (40mg) so this should be safe.

I just can't believe this. It's fucking hell. No rest cures this, it's like a cold, but worse. How the fuck am I supposed to even do work like this? I want to curl up and cry...

I need cortizone shots like fucking big time. Earliest I could get an appointment was next tuesday. Fuck.

UPDATE: I'm off to home, hope I can drive straight. Going to pick up my passport and then see an emergency walk in clinic. I'm so beyond fucked up right now it feels like I've been crying for the last 5 hours. My eyes don't itch anymore, they just burn like fire and the world is a rather hazy place through them. Going to work from home after I get done. I now know what real allergies feel like. What a fucked up species we are to have this kind of reaction to something so normal.

- Keman
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