Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

I'm just a delightful ray of sunshine today.

At lunch I observed some of the least competant waitstaff I've ever had.

It took 15 minutes to get our drinks order, 15 minutes after that to get our meal order, and 30 minutes after that we got the manager on duty to try to find out what the hell happened because our drinks were as empty as our stomachs. We watched people come, order their food, eat, and leave. There were only 5 of us, no big group. There were only 2 tables out of approx. 20 that had people still eating at them by the time we noticed what was going on, and the place was packed when we first got there, nearly every table full.

It was me who noticed the bartender was the one waiting on our table. He had other duties, and was busy, fine. But where the hell was our food?

We got a variety of shitcan defensive answers, ranging from "Well you guys should have ordered from the express menu if you were in a hurry." .. to which we clearly pointed out that we DID order from it. This prompted a deer-caught-in-the-headlights-look that I oh so enjoy .. and the next boilerplate response "Well your phillycheesesteak sandwhich takes a long time to make you know." ... to which I asked, bluntly, "Why the hell is it on the express menu, then?" ... more deer caught in the headlights.

Finally, I did the managers job and pointed out that the bartender was the one serving our table, not any of the normal waiters, perhaps he's bit too busy to be waiting on tables too, and maybe we aught to have had the normal waiters/waittresses take care of things? ... there it was, the deery eyes once more. God that look makes me want to throat people. He darts off into the kitchen and comes back, saying "Well your order was the last placed out of all the food orders here, so yeah I guess something went wrong." .. duh?

They discounted our meal price by 1/2, apologized a lot. And then we all noticed that 20 more minutes had gone by. Still no food. We had meetings to attend, ones that could not be missed or delayed. We ended up walking out of the place with to-go boxes, late for our meeting.

And the food? It tasted like shit.

We won't be going back there.

- Keman
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