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I love it ... thankfully someone has the money to bitchslap the US's fscked up laws. If we're gonna have fucked up laws, we're all going to KNOW we have fucked up laws. None of this pretending we're free bullshit.

- Keman


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Apr. 20th, 2005 08:00 pm (UTC)
Well, it's illegal to drive without it. So that's definitely not got me happy about it's loss.

What annoys me is that I didn't have to show it to the airport security checkpoint. I had to show it in 3 places. Once at the front of the line, again after I walked through the metal detector- and no I wasn't searched. And lastly- at the gate. That's three times I had to pull it out of my wallet, and three chances it could fall out onto the ground since it's kinda hard to hold onto both it and my boarding pass while trying to make sure I don't leave anything behind. All the while people are bumping you and pushing you and your luggage is getting shoved ahead by the x-ray machine, so I'm doing this funny little dance of trying to put my shoes on, stay next to my constantly moving luggage, and stowing everything back into my pockets.

Very annoying and not surprising IMO that I finally lost my license. I'm someone who has never lost his wallet, and keeps good track of this stuff.

Both the DC airport and Detroit Metro airport did the same 3 times-check on the ID thing. Something that the airports 'made a big deal about' a while back saying that they WOULDN'T check your ID multiple times. Well gee I guess everyone forgot about that and so they get to take the next step.

Logically, I can conclude that I lost my license sometime on the plane or while walking to it from the gate. Else I'd not have made it on the plane. Had that happend on my leg out, boy would I have been fucked for flying back. Dunno what I'd have done.

- Keman
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