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Lost my license at the airport yesterday.

They asked for it at least 3 times, all the while I'm trying to hold onto it and keep track of my luggage as it passes through a metal detector, then me through the metal detector. I'm shuffling my shoes on and off, picking up who knows what kind of athletes foot from other people. Last time I flew I picked up athletes foot the very next day. Gee I wonder where I got it?

So yeah.. fucken wonderful. Luckily I've got a valid passport so that should make getting another license this weekend at the DMV easy. I needed to go there to transfer the lightning plates onto the S4 anyways.

Also lost my badge at work. Dunno where the fuck it went. I've searched everywhere.

Aren't I supposed to be able to travel without photo ID within this god forsaken country?

The history of government programs -here, there and everywhere - is that promised respect for privacy rights are routinely violated whenever expediency dictates

- Keman
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