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We suxx0r

General Motors declares US engineering skills lower than the rest of the world.


Ok, so we get crap gas, crap cars, crap soda, crap oil, and now we have crappy engineers to make all that crappy stuff.

Whatever happened to the good 'ol days where I could associate 'america' with 'the best' ?

Has it really been that long since that was true?

Was it all just a facade when I was growing up?

Maybe some of the denial about the current state of affairs going on with this country is just growing pains of accepting that we never were the best.

- Keman


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Apr. 13th, 2005 09:36 pm (UTC)
What is ironic of course is that a high level manager wrote that too many people are training to be managers rather then low level engineers or something. :P
Apr. 14th, 2005 03:42 am (UTC)
i think this is an interesting article, but i think it leaves out a fiew things. mainly union labor.

i think thats one of the main reason of the decline in american manifacturing. the labor rate becomes so expensive that cost is trimmed on engineering, meterials, and assembly to be competitive with imported models. the imports became so well assembled that we just coulent compeate in cars, it wasent viable. so they didnt bother upgrading the plants that made cars. they just made more SUV's. and have been living off of that sence the late 90's. but now that market has become crouded with imports. its harder to make a buck there with rising gas prices.

so now both gm and ford have had to wake up really quickly and learn how to make a car again. you can see this in the difference between the last modle ford tarus and the current ford 500 (wich is a volvo s60) and now with gm's change from the cavaleer to the cobalt.
the improvement is increadable.

maby just enough so the SS Bob Lutz can avoid the up coming iceburg

one of the things that is currently hurting european car makers is the value of the dollar, or lack there of. its killing them. eventhough trade laws have been written that vastly favor domestic manifacturing, we still havent been able to compeate until now.

just something that i find interesting. Toyota has made more profit than Gm, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, and the Rover group combine. so maby management has something to do with it.. Lutz is a putz?
Apr. 14th, 2005 03:04 pm (UTC)
GM-US really sucks now. About the only decent car they have is the Corvette, everything else blows massive chunks.

GM's Holden division, Down Under, has some really kick-ass cars. They still make the Caprice (though now with the LS1 engine), they have the Ute (basically an El Camino, also with the LS1), they've got the Monaro and Commodore (Pontiac imports the Monaro to the US and rebadges it as the GTO, the Commodore is basically just a 4-door Monaro), they've even got a 315 HP station wagon!

What's the best non-Corvette car GM-US has now? The Lumina Impala "SS", with a pitiful 240 HP and FWD.
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