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Holy shit this is nice weather...

Spent the weekend outdoors. It was a perfect 79 degrees, blue sky, low humidity, just .. OMFG it was nice out. I don't think it could be nicer outside, really. It's all downhill from here. I wish every day was like today. No smog, fresh air, not too many insects. WONDERFUL.

Decca, Galen, and I washed/waxed/detailed/vacuumed our cars on saturday.

Today I pulled the front grill assembly out of the S4 and painted it matte black. It's tres cool. Pics of that and the car are now on my website.

Got my hair cut. Then promptly got hit on by a waitress at TGIF's. Our waiter came over and said "Hey she noticed you coming in." and he points at a young waitress. I was like "Uh, ok..." and then he comes back like 10 seconds later "Yeah she likes you." and I'm like "Oh ok." playing along. Then he comes back a third time "She likes you as in, she thinks you're cute." and I'm just .. like "Uh ok.." and now I'm feeling vacuous. But oh well. I was tempted to say "Do you think I'm cute? Cuz I'm more into guys than gals." but bah .. why bother. Galen and I's housemate suggested that Galen and I promptly neck and make out in the restaurant after receiving the comments. Hhee. Tempting but no thanks.

If every weekend could be this nice, it would be paradise. Almost.

- Keman
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