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Catch 22

So I wanted to recode some of the control modules in the Audi. Being an ex-audi tech, I'm rather versed with this process and own the necessary cables to interface the car to a laptop.

Unfortunately, I needed approx. 1 megabyte of data to be put onto the laptop to proceed.

No cdrom
no floppy
no network cards
no modem
no firewire
BUT it does have infra-red

and on the computer that has the data
no floppy
no infra-red
no cd-burner


I stick in a wireless network card, but of course, I don't have the drivers already installed on the laptop so a fat lot of good it does me. My USB disk on key is sitting at work (never fucking again am I leaving it there), Galens laptop is sitting at his work (hon, you left your laptop, leather bondage gear, and a variety of other things AT YOUR WORK .. duh. bring it home)

I do have a wired ethernet card but the dongle for it is sitting at work! (NEVER AGAIN!!!)

So I sit and fret and cuss up a storm and finally decide THATS IT... I'm going up to radio shack and if I have to buy another goddamn disk on key then that's what I'll do to copy a stupid file.

Galen to the rescue.

He digs around in the attic, finds a null modem cable that's 9pin on one side and 25 pin AND 9 pin on the other. And then we fail at getting Winblows to recognize the com port for a direct connection.

All is not lost. ZMODEM TO THE RESCUE .... yes, we copied files over zmodem.

Normally I'm so on top of the technology scale that I pride myself on knowing this situation NEVER happens ... ordinarily I have a wide variety of tools at my disposal for doing anything evne if it means burning a fucking DVD.

So. My hands are now dirtied with zmodem residue. Ugh.

rz\r ZRQINIT ZFILEstupidtexttotransfer.txt
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