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Fucking christ...

Ok, one rant at a time. I've got to meter them out apparently.

For starters, there's my co-worker. His contract ends tomorrow, and he's sick as hell. Of course, the greedy fucker doesn't want to call in sick and miss out on his last days pay. But he's been progressively getting worse since friday, and today he can't even talk. We've told him to go home, he won't, and just says that his doctors appointment is on thursday.

He has no critical functions to require him to be here today. He is simply here to collect money.

If that wasn't bad enough? I'm supposed to sit next to him in a car and go out to eat with him as a paid-for lunch by my boss. Yeah. If I fucking get sick from this little shit who.. for all rights and purposes, shouldn't be working here /anyways/ ... I guess there isn't much I can do now is there. Not legally anyways.
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