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Oif. I'm finally starting to level out on my meds and feeling less anti-social.

I accidentally skipped them entirely on Saturday, remembered to take them at 3AM on Sunday, did so ... (what a joke going to sleep on that was), then took em again last night at 6PM. All I can say is BIG MISTAKE. It was harsh. Way too much concerta at once, and the WB just fried my brain. I was halfway between wanting to sleep and wanting to run a marathon, and between that and the lack of moon in the sky made me pretty uninterested in doing anything.

Then of course there was galen HUMPING MY LEG ... lucky fucker. So. Yeah. I'll give him kudos for managing to push my buttons even when I've popped the safety on them all, chemically and psychologically.

I was actually pretty pissed when he made me horny. Often my sex drive is so blunt and motivated that the moment it's in my mind I'm like a heroin junky just inches away from his fix. Desperation doesn't do justice in describing what I mean.

Of course, just thinking about all this has put my mind where I don't want it. Argh. No going back from there. This is the odd part about my libido. I can be horny as hell but yet still not want to play with any person. I suppose that's one of the best things I like about Galen, is that he manages to focus what amounts to a sex drive riddled with ADD. If that makes any sense.

And I suppose that's one of the things he prolly likes about me. A lot of guys feel intimidated or a need to be competitive when his mate is interested in others and wants to play with others. It's the typical jealous housewife syndrome, though I don't mean to discredit it ... competition to breed is an instinct and there is nothing wrong with it if you've got it. How someone chooses to act on those impulses is entirely up to them, however. There are appropriate and inappropriate methods of dealing with any situation. Anyhow, point I'm driving at- Luckily for Galen I don't 'shop the market' for other people. Almost nothing catches my eyes when we're out and about, there isn't anyone that I feel looks hotter than he does. That's not to say I dislike the idea of playing around if either or both of us find someone interesting that's safe and appropriate to play with. Just that it'll happen so rarely Galen is going to end up sheltered from those emotions. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

I'm still a firm believer in my original statement to him tho. It's not his responsibility to prove/assure to himself that I love him. That's my job.
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