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Had bad insomnia last night. Galen zapped me a few times until I came to bed. Which at first was rather frustrating, so I sat and argued with him in bed. Which, in itself was rather amusing. And then I fell asleep. Which is pretty impressive. So. Go Galen .. yay for dog collars and sleep?
The S4 continues to be a wonderful vehicle. Station wagons were meant to have V8's.

Cops are EVERYWHERE this morning. It was pure luck that I didn't get snagged in like 3 different areas where I normally do 20-30 over. I'm noticing about half of the cops are using laser. Radar detectors are illegal here, why use laser? Fuckers are ruining my loophole. I use a V1 detector, immune to their VG2 garbage. Fat lot of good it does with Laser, you have almost no time to respond once they hit you.
Went bowling last night. Again. I'm so-so. I can throw it straight down, most of the time. When we were leaving, I discovered that the entire time I've been throwing the ball the wrong way- I've been throwing it overhanded. D'oh. No wonder my forearms and fingers are so sore. If I didn't have such strong grip strength I prolly wouldn't have been ABLE to make this mistake.

Weather is looking good. 70 degrees, sunny, wonderful.

As always seems to be the case I've noticed, whenever some great goal has been accomplished I get a rebound with a varying amount of self pity. For example, Yay I got an S4. ... Boo, I'm still human.

I've been meaning to respond to Dracono's journal entries. If he reads our journal, I hope he reads this. I'm all for what you're doing dude. I'd bet few understand what is going on in your head better than I do. Don't ever settle for what you've got, if you know that what you've got isn't what you want. Because if what you want isn't what you've got, there's a reason for it. You can't ignore it, many try. All fail. Kudos.

- Keman
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