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Pr0n, collars, fast audi's, and bowling.

I scored a 115 last night. Not bad after my third time playing in ohh... 10 years? 15 years? Pretty much my first time playing, I didn't even know how to hold the ball. People started giving me tips and advice, then I started getting multiple strikes in a row. That's when the good advice and tips stopped, I noticed. Valuable, those instructions are.

Bowling iz fun.

Collars. Mmm. Mine arrived friday evening. I've been veerrrrrrry obedient. :) Evil, it is. Very evil. *whine* I don't like pain, but boy that thing is fun to wear.

Pr0n. Well, use your imagination.

Fast audi's. The connection? I got a station wagon. With the rear seats folded down, there is enough room for a large adult to lay down with is arms and legs stretched out. Strangely, there are spring loaded metal D rings where the wrists and ankles would be. You know. For .. groceries. Can't have that milk sliding around. Nope nope. :)

Raced a C5 corvette last night. Just a friendly stoplight race to 100 or so. I'm still breaking in the engine so I left traction control on and didn't do anything obnoxious. The outcome: We stuck to each other like glue. The vette cut the light better than me and got a nose past me, then that was it. We stayed there without either of us budging an INCH the whole time we were shifting and winding out each gear. It was comical how exact our cars accelerated. Then we lifted and gave each other thumbs up .. he turned off. Alaskanwolf caught up in his Spec V, with half the horsepower he got to watch us dissapear. His car is fast though, the fastest < 200hp car I've ever seen.

If I can stick to a non Z06 corvette like that without having to brutalize the AWD launching from a standstill then I'm a happy camper. Unfortunately now it's back to short shifting and easy on the throttle while I continue break in that wonderful engine.

Fuel mileage is averaging 21mpg at the moment. Not bad! 56 mph average with that #.

More window fogging to come ...

- Keman
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