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Pulled a ford 316 y-block V8 out of a 1958 tow truck over the weekend. Had it out in 3 hours. *flexes* Ruh ruh, aren't I manly. :P

On another note, I'm finding my life is once again getting too human for my tastes. Oh sure, I'm perfectly human on the outside. But I'm not about to continue to adopt standards when I already have chosen certain morals and ethics.

I would like to be more Wolf.

Yet I'm so caught up in technology. Argh.

I'm already that way when it comes to social interactions with those I am close to. I just would like to .. .extend that.. to the next level.What that level is, I'm not yet sure.
One thing is for certain: I would rather be a wolf than a human, if I was half dead right now.
At least then the powers that be could painlessly put me out of my misery, rather than keep my broken body alive with a million tubes in some hope that some shred of my mind can feel nothing but pain and have nothing it can do about it. That's torture.

Please, never make me suffer what that girl in Florida is going through.
- Keman
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