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Hi, I ordered something last saturday and it's still not here, any ideas?

Oh, we show that your product hasn't actually shipped. It looks like it'll ship out next monday.

Ok, I emailed you guys beforehand -specifically- asking if you had it IN STOCK ready to ship right now. You said yes.

Oh well we actually only work with the manufacturer and we didn't know they had little or no stock to ship. I'm showing that it'll ship monday though.

... (*##(*$$# .. yeah right. It'll ship monday the same as it did last monday. Take my money up front, then delay indefinitely.


I specifically am veeeeery careful about what I get my hopes up on. Because I know how much I invest in getting some particular piece of meat between my jaws, when it slips away I will fight for it tooth and claw. So I remain pessimistic and uninterested almost always. A herd of Deer off in the distance. Whoopty doo. Show me a calf or a sickly one limping along, then you've got my attention. Now it's as though that calf just vanished or the sickly one isn't sick at all and an in fact run like the windc. Looks like I'm going hungry again ... fucking wonderful.


I leave it to my Alpha to find prey once more, and I can't blame him for what he cannot find, if there isn't anything available to find.

- Keman
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