Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

UPS is teh suxx0r


UPS sucks. They take forever shipping things. And every day it's like... is it here? Is it here? Ding ding! Nope! You lose! Sucks to be you! Hah Hah!

Or sometimes it's a joke, a little piece of paper that says "We know you have a job, but we brought this by at the exact moment when you wouldn't be around today. Of course noone is here to sign for it, and you can't just sign this paper because the shipper wanted a living body that doesn't necessarily have to be you, to sign it. After all, the signature might be from, say, your dog, and our shipping agents are trained to watch you sign for something so they know it was human. Please don't present any form of ID because they do not require it. You can however come by our office to pick up your package, but you'll have to take off work because our hours are 2PM to 3PM every other thursday on odd months. If you come by our office during hours we are open, we'll make sure your package is sitting in a truck on the road, so it won't be available. We'll attempt to drop this package off again tomorrow at a random time, carefully chosen to insure your absence yet again. Thank you for shipping UPS."

I think I'm going to make a new rule that anything I buy/ship, gets shipped overnight with tracking #'s. Signature release waivers filed, etc. I'm really tired of this shit. If they don't offer overnight, they don't get my business. How much more simple can it be?

Something I ordered on ebay hasn't shown up yet. I ordered it last monday (the monday before last). I emailed the shipper over the weekend since he's in the same state I am, and I got a "We shipped it out last wednesday..." bullshit. Lots of negative feedback has been provided recently attesting to abysmal ship times. Yet 375 positive feedback makes the seller essentially invincible from such negative PR. I'm powerless to do anything but sit back and watch. No sense in me leaving negative feedback, it won't accomplish anything.

Of course, my collar still hasn't arrived.

And some other stuff I ordered hasn't arrived.

I am -beyond- done with normal shipping methods. I don't give a shit if it costs what the product cost to ship, my time and patience has a price and that price is far beyond what both probably cost together. In the business world, almost EVERYTHING is shipped overnight. There is a method to this madness...

- Keman
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