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Ohyeah. Duh. Btw. I joined Galen's friend list and started posting all this inside stuff about me and never really did much of an intro.

My names Keman. I'm 28. I don't post my real name anywhere near my online name and I prefer to keep it that way for security reasons.

I build racecars for a hobby, have my ASE Master Tech certification, and work in the tech industry with internet security.

I like food of all types ranging from McDonalds to sushi, enjoy mountain biking, running, playing paintball, and real roadracing with a Mustang that I spent a few years building from the ground up for this purpose.

Reading a book by a peaceful fire late at night or kicking back in a coffee shop and just watching people are my more relaxing activities.

This is a decent pic I dug up:

So yeah. While I'm into bizarre things and lead a rather strange life by most peoples standards ... there's a lot I do which isn't that strange at all.
- Keman
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