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Time ticks on and we all get older. That is an absolute, getting older. Growing up is optional.

Thank you, Iago, for the fresh vantage of the LJ posts I've been making lately. No really, I'm not as crazy as I depict on here. I also got a chance to chat with him about a million other things in that addictive-information-transfer manner that those who enjoy typing with each other online are all too familiar with. Ok so maybe some of Galen's friends are cool afterall. :)

Unfortunately last night my insomnia kicked in full blast and I managed to watch 3 hours tick by, after going to bed a little late. This put me conscious still somewhere around 6AM. I was met with two choices. Take some prescription meds designed to counter this, get healthy sleep, and write off 1/2 of the next day-- caling in sick. Or Getting up outa bed and going in to work early, knowing I'd be so much a zombie it probably wouldn't be safe for me to drive. I chose the former. To top it all off, I'm sick for real! Yay me. Thus is probably the cause of my insomnia.

On the flip side, I've got an Nvidia TI-4200 video card that has served me well through the years, now dying a horrible death. It's making me think I've got dead pixels in my wonderful 20.1" flat panel display. Except that when I drag windows around, the dead pixels FOLLOW! ... hehe. That can't be right. Also, when I boot the computer I get flashy colored text blinking in random locations where the bios displays information etc. It's definitely horked. What part, and to what degree, I don't know. That Dual GT-6800 PCI-E system beckons. We'll see what things look like in June, that's when Battlefield 2 comes out. Ordinarily I don't play computer games much. But. This isn't a game. It's WAR! Hehe. And it's just so incredible looking.

The aquarium is rocking. We added some peppermint shrimp and a galaxy coral over the weekend.

- Keman


Mar. 23rd, 2005 01:18 am (UTC)
I do hope this happens .. it'd make 6800GT's cheaper. I would spoo at having two of those in a dual SLI setup. But since a single 6800GT does what I need it to now, I can just buy one now, and go with a second one, say, 18 months from now, and double my performance.

I'd consider a 6600GT Dual SLI, but in benchmarks it's basically half as fast as a single 6800GT. It has no upgrade path like the dual 6800 above.

I've never seen a video card model spread that kind of performance difference. People buying 6600's really are getting half of a 6800, and paying half as much. I've seen prior models cost 2x as much for just 15% more speed.

- Keman


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