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Lunch with the cow-orkers started off as usual.

Then my friend/cow-orker handed me the keys to his WRX and jetted out of the restaurant early with our boss. He and my boss were the only ones that drove so the three of us remaining had to have a way to get back. I've driven his WRX a few times, so no big deal. I'm trustworthy.

3 overpaid nerds. 1 WRX that's known to be replaced with an STI in the next couple of weeks. Newish tires on the rims. Oh the possibilities.

We started with a tank of gas. Might as well be nice, it was near E and we figured it'd be a friendly gesture.
We'll need lots of fuel to race it, right?
Then we stopped by Autozone.

And shopped the clearance section.

On goes the aftermarket shifter knob. A dozen air fresheners, and a for sale sign for starters.

Listed price: $1337.96 ... never before was there such value in elitism.

I'm not sure which produced more tears in my eyes .. the stench of coconut, new car, and pine? Or the absolute hysteria we had parking it in the corp. lot and walking away.

It's all I can do to not crack up and snarf coffee through my nose.

Every part of me smells of air freshener. My jacket, my clothing. I think my nose hairs are melted. And the car is sitting, baking in the sun. With the windows shut.

Never before have I wept so openly. :P

My head hurts. Either from laughing, or the fumes.

- Keman
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