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So this morning proved very interesting...

I'm awoken with "Keman ... um.. remember how I was filling the aquarium last night? I kinda.. left it on." I mumble a little bit, my brain slowly but surely coming online. I'm not quite sure what the problem is but a part of my mind is screaming that something very bad has happened. The soft comfy warm part though insists that there is no cause for concern, assuring me that all will be well if I just go back to sleep. Then it hits me.

I just smile and lay back. Yep. Couple hundred gallons of water, probably, are on the floor downstairs. Ahh... that automated tank filter / top off system with the float valve that stops filling when it reaches this point coulda got here a day sooner. Think it's scheduled to arrive today. Ohwell. Mistakes happen. Maybe Galen needs some ADD meds. :)

The most amusing part, of course, was that he didn't want me to tell anyone! Har har...

Alphas. *headshake* Always tryin to look mistake-proof. Sorry hon. Not happenin. Coverups are lame.

He did remind me of something I wanted to coverup once. Here is the story...

I'm at my friends house returning some borrowed misc. racecar parts.. and among them were some empty fuel jugs. One wasn't empty. I notice the zip tie on it and think to myself "Ah, this is the one that had normal 93 octane in it, I'll just empty it real quick into my S4 and away we go." ... I put the clear spout on it and start pouring the fuel into the gas tank. It's twilight and as such not very bright out. Yet still, I take in the hue of the fuel travelling into the tank. Expecting an eerie clearish-blue, I see green. Bright green. Hm, I think to myself. What an odd color. *sniff sniff* Expecting the acrid fumes of gasoline .. I notice that it's much less toxic smelling. No, this smells like... *gurgle* Ok, the 5 gallon fuel jug is now empty. I tip the spout up and smell it up close. Hrm. That doesn't smell like gasoline .. it smells like.. like ...


Coolant. I just dumped about 3 gallons of antifreeze into my fifty thousand dollar car. Instantly I have flashbacks to replacing the fuel tanks on one of these. There's not one, but three fuel pumps. Not one but three fuel level sensors. Because essentially there are 3 fuel tanks built into one, two pumps are used to keep all of them syncronized. And then I remember what I had to do to empty those tanks. I turn around and look at Scott Whitehead, my partner-in-crime when it comes to racing... and I look at his garage. his tools. his racecar. I think to myself "Anywhere else, this would be a catastrophy." ... I look at Scott. I say "Scott, got any plans tonight?" "No Keman .. why what's up?" "Well, wanna try draining the Audi's fuel tank completely and flush it?" "Um... that doesn't sound fun. And don't you have to drive to virginia tonight?" "Yeah Scott. Yeah. I do. But first I gotta get this 3 gallons of antifreeze outa the gas tank." "The what?"

... several hours later, we're happilly buzzing on down the road... and I'm feeling none the wiser.

A few weeks later I tell my Dad about this and he laughs, telling me he told me so! That I shouldn't have poured my waste coolant into the fuel jug! He told me that he even put a green zip tie on the handle to remind me, even! D'oh. Guess that zip tie wasn't to indicate low octane. Whoops. I forgot about that part.

So. I just got informed that we'll be looking at 5 to 6 thousand dollars worth of damage to the house if we don't get all the water out of the carpet in about the next day or two. Something about incredible amounts of mold and mildew basically ruining everything. I'm reminded of my hypersensetivity to mold and how my old place in California would basically give me the symptoms of a cold for 24 hours every single time I vacuumed/cleaned the place. Apparently dehumidifiers cost upwards of $200 - $300 for a good one that can actually suck more than a kitchen spongue out of the air. My good friend Kelar is going to lend us his and we're gonna need another one next to that. This will be a long weekend...

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