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And now a word from our sponsor...

It's things like this that really piss me off.

While I know my hacked TiVO will just get further hacked to build a way around this form of forced advertising.. that isn't good enough for me. No. I want the AVERAGE JOE to be able to easily bypass commercials.

Simple. I fully expect the advertising industry to completely fall apart in the near future. As consumers are empowered to decide what they do and do not want to see, unsolicited media will become a thing of the past. TV shows will just have to find another way to make money. This concept is known as "creative destruction" and it is what shapes our society and culture. ( ...

Legislation and/or laws that prevent this from happening only serve to put more money into the pockets of those who can afford to lobby for them. IMO that will end.
I don't care how bloody the battle gets. It's happening .. this is part of the revolution- what stands in the way will just get paved over.
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