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Mar. 14th, 2005

ADHD: Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder

You never realize how bad it is until you make it go away for a little while. People so harshly convict those who they feel "claim" to have ADD/ADHD .. living in a world where the meds for them are overprescribed for kids as a last ditch effort to make kids-- not like kids, so parents don't have to take care of them. In the end of course it doesn't work, nothing can make a kid not run around exploring the world around him, besides maybe tranquilizers. But since many ADD meds are stimulant based, if the kid doesn't have ADD, it just makes the "problem" 10x worse.

That's the part I don't really understand from the people who doubt ADD exists. If it doesn't exist, then why do ADD meds make the symptoms go away?

I sit here, able to concentrate better than I've been able to in .. months.. and I gotta shake my head in disbelief. I'm trying a new stim based ADD med and it's 10x better than what I got off my last one, Concerta.

To put it into words, Concerta was the rusty razor blade, tainting everything that it cut so sharply. It had a ... sickly tinge to it. It caused a sense of desperation within me, a pressure such that at everything I did, it would make it hectic. Frantic. I had to quell inner rages that normally kept quiet.

Definitely not the case with Dexedrine.

Yay amphetamines.

On the flip side, you end up with fucked up nutjobs like this: http://www.ritalindeath.com/ ... the short of it is: OHHH My son died on ADD meds, so ADD Can't exist! ... .... (It couldn't possibly be that your kid just died from Ritalin the same way that people die from ASPRIN every year? Freak side effects that are hardly representative of the norm?? Nope, lets blame someone. Lets blame anyone who thinks ADD exists)

Of course the parents don't mention why their kid was on ADD meds for a long time period. I don't know ... maybe.. it was beneficial? So one could conclude some problem existed, so why the fuck are we saying that ADD doesn't exist now if you treated your kid for it?

Fucking idiots.

On another note, I got my chip installed. It's in my upper left back. The scanner I've got has a crappy antenna so I can't scan the chip at the moment, but this is a good step.

Thanks Bramble and his mate for having Galen and I over the weekend. NYC was hella fun. I've not had this good of a weekend in a loooong time.

- Keman


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Mar. 14th, 2005 07:39 pm (UTC)
I have no doubt it exists. I just wish some of these hack doctors weren't so quick to diagnose it in these kids, without proper testing. It's that sort of thing that makes the foaming-at-the-mouth folks attack it. :/

I'm glad you've found something that helps.
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